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Measure HC is Unfair and Unequal for Health Care Workers

The pandemic put into light how critical our healthcare workers are in our local communities. These frontline workers should be adequately compensated for their heroic efforts, not just during the pandemic, but every day. This is why the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce is urging a No on Inglewood’s Measure HC this […]

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Measure HC Unfairly Creates Winners and Losers

I have long been a supporter of workers and support higher wages. I have stood in solidarity with my brothers and sisters who have fought and won higher minimum wages and better health benefits.  However, I am concerned about Measure HC on the November ballot in Inglewood. While I support workers securing higher wages, as […]

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Inglewood voters to decide on minimum wage increase for some healthcare workers

Inglewood residents have big decisions to make this election cycle when they go to the ballot Nov. 8. Residents will vote to either return Inglewood city council incumbents Mayor James Butts, and Councilmembers George Dotson and Alex Padilla to another four-year term or shake things up. It’s our opinion that the most vulnerable of the […]

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Wage hikes for some workers, not others. Why are city leaders picking winners and losers?

Over the summer, the cities of Los Angeles, Downey, Long Beach and Monterey Park decided that certain workers in select private healthcare facilities should be paid at least $25 an hour starting this month. Why $25 an hour? Why only certain workers? Because that’s what the advocates asked for. What effect might across-the-board raises have on the healthcare system? Nobody knows. […]