Measure HC is a deeply-flawed and inequitable measure in Inglewood that would set new arbitrary pay requirements for some health care workers in some health care facilities in Inglewood, while excluding thousands of health care workers doing the same jobs. We all agree health care workers are heroes, but this Unequal Pay Measure is deeply flawed, inequitable, and will hurt workers and patients. Vote NO on Measure HC.

Here’s why a broad coalition of health care providers and community organizations oppose Measure HC:

Measure HC is inequitable, arbitrary and discriminatory.

  • Measure HC would set a new $25/hr minimum wage standard for certain workers at private hospitals, hospital-based facilities and dialysis clinics, but completely excludes workers who do the exact same job at public hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities, including all University of California and county hospitals and clinics.
  • Measure HC also completely excludes workers at health care facilities not affiliated with hospitals, including community health clinics, Planned Parenthood clinics, nursing homes, medical centers, and more.
  • Measure HC applies to non-clinical workers like janitors, housekeepers and landscapers at hospital-based facilities, but excludes clinical workers like nursing assistants, medical technicians, and other workers in non-covered facilities.
  • In fact, the vast majority of health care workers in Inglewood are excluded by Measure HC.

Measure HC deepens inequities in our health care system and jeopardizes access to care.

  • Measure HC mandates higher wages for workers at private health care facilities but provide zero increases for workers at public hospitals and smaller clinics that primarily serve uninsured and disadvantaged communities. Measure HC will lead to workforce shortages at smaller clinics and public health care facilities, jeopardizing access and quality of care for Inglewood’s most disadvantaged and already underserved communities.
  • Because Measure HC would significantly increase costs by tens of millions of dollars every year for health care providers, it will force many hospitals, clinics, and other providers in the City of Inglewood to cut back services or even close.

Measure HC would put patient access to care at risk and force patients to travel farther for vital services like maternity care, behavioral health, cancer care, and more.

  • Measure HC would increase health care costs throughout Inglewood by tens of millions of dollars every year – translating to higher costs for insurance and medical copays for families already struggling to deal with the high cost of living.

Measure HC puts city bureaucrats in charge of policing wages.

  • City officials are having a difficult time addressing pressing problems like homelessness, crime, and high housing prices. The last thing we should do is put these same city governments in charge of enforcing arbitrary and inequitable wage policies for thousands of employees when they are struggling to address core issues that affect everyone.

Health care workers receive strong pay and benefits that reflect and recognize their special role.

  • Hospitals and health care providers go to great lengths to pay all health care workers competitive, living wages with strong benefits.
  • In fact, the average nurse working in a Southern California hospital earns $57 per hour, the average clinical worker earns $28 per hour, and the average non-clinical worker in a hospital earns approximately $18 per hour.
  • We all agree health care workers are heroes. But the deeply flawed Measure HC is inequitable, costly and will jeopardize access to care for patients.


checkmark Included

  • Clinician at private hospital
  • Patient care Technician at dialysis clinic
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at private hospital
  • Aide at private hospital-based clinic
  • Technician at private hospital
  • Maintenance worker at private hospital
  • Janitorial or housekeeping staff at private hospital
  • Groundskeeper at private dialysis clinic
  • Security guard at private hospital
  • Food service worker at private hospital
  • Laundry worker at private hospital
  • Pharmacy worker at private hospital
  • Administrative worker at private dialysis clinic
  • Business office clerical worker at hospital-based clinic

X Excluded

  • Clinician at county hospital
  • Patient care Technician at Planned Parenthood clinic
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at public hospital
  • Aide at community clinic (FQHC)
  • Technician at county hospital
  • Maintenance worker at public hospital
  • Janitorial or housekeeping staff at county hospital
  • Groundskeeper at community clinic
  • Security guard at University of California hospital
  • Food service worker at county hospital
  • Laundry worker at public hospital
  • Pharmacy worker at University of California hospital
  • Administrative worker at public dialysis clinic
  • Business office clerical worker at community clinic (FQHC)
FQHC: Federally Qualified Health Center